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Afraid of moving? Follow these hacks


People usually get afraid with the idea of shifting their valuable belongings to some other place. It becomes quite daunting when everything is required to be resettled and rearranged again at the destination. Most of the people are unaware of the process of relocation. They are often puzzled with only one question ‘How to start’ and while searching for the answer they end it up by hiring movers and packers as a solution. Of course a professional is needed to complete the task but before that there are few tasks that are meant to be completed.

Here I am sharing few hacks that will help you to plan your move like a pro.

1. Frame a budget for your move- The very first time when you have taken a decision to move, create a budget soon after that. Shifting the things is a big financial decision thus, requires a proper plan and arrangement of funds available. Once you have decided the amount to be spent on your move, you can take other necessary decisions like which relocating vendor should be hired, what should be the moving date and many more.

2. Form a moving schedule- To make relocation successful, plan it first. Work on the important factors like how to pack, when to move, when to pack etc and take the decisions according to that.

3. Decide a date- One of the most important decisions is to set a date for your move. Think and choose a date as per your wish and inform the same to the relocating vendors in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements accordingly. Also, prefer to move on weekdays, avoid doing it during weekends because the cost may vary on peak days like Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Notify utility services- Once you have decided a date for your move inform the same to the utility service providers like electricity, gas, internet, water etc and ask them to shut down the services accordingly.

5. Update the new address- Replace the old address with the new one on various legal documents like AADHAAR card, PAN card, voter id, financial documents and others.

6. Prepare a list of the articles- Separate the articles that are really essential and are used by you regularly. Sell, donate or dispose the goods that are no longer required. Do not over crowd the consignment. Also, removing the unnecessary articles will lower down some cost of the entire movement.

7. Inform your family, friends and relatives- Make your relatives and other people connected to you aware about the change and inform them your new address.

8. Keep calm and hire a proficient- After completing all the tasks, select packers and movers to proceed further. These vendors have a team of experts to complete all activities related to a move. They adapt innovative techniques to pack and move every article with utmost care and concern. Also, beware of fake relocating companies many of them have been established to befool the customers by stealing their belongings. Hence, it is advisable to opt for an authentic mover by doing a proper research.


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