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Best Tips You Should Follow to Pack and Move Your Flat Screen TV


While you plan to move your household stuff, you often think of moving bulky couches, dining tables, electrical appliances, pool tables and so on. But there is one most important item, which isn’t so heavy, but require special care while packing and moving—Flat Screen LED/LCD TV. Indeed, transporting LED/LCD is not a simple task as small damage can lead to loss of your hard-earned pennies. Sometimes repair also not work as per expectations.

There is nothing intrinsically complicated about shifting your Flat Screen TV. The most troublesome task is logistics. We are very well aware of the fact that the screens of Smart TV’s are surprisingly delicate, which require special treatment to prohibit any accidental damage while on transit. 

If you are moving to your new arena and planning to move your household stuff. Don’t worry, we are sharing here some effective tips you can opt for moving your Flat Screen TV:

Pack Your SMART TV

For providing support to the delicate screen of the TV, you just need a box. It will be good if you have kept the original box of TV. But if you don’t have it, then no worries. You can purchase special LED Box from the box as per the measurement of your Smart TV. Double-check the dimensions before buying speciality box.
You can follow below-mentioned steps to pack your Flat Screen TV: 

• Diligently Remove all Power Cords and Cables

Before keeping your LED/LCD TV, remove all the power and cords to save your time. It is advised to keep a picture of the back with all the wiring so that you easily reconnect it at your new premises. Then, remove all the cords, coil it and pack it. 

• Detach All Screws and Bases

It is very easy to transport your Flat Screen TV if it is not connected to its wall mount. If you are using TV Box, then you have to detach the screws and base anyways. 
Be sure to store each screw of your TV in a small pouch or bag and keep it the TV box before packing TV. 

• Box the TV

Most of the Specialty Boxes are inbuilt with soft foam pieces to provide a cushiony effect to the delicate screen of your TV. You directly keep the TV’s in such type of boxes. x

If the box you own does not have such thing then, put the foam first and wrap the LED in plastic stretch wrap to keep them intact and provide an extra barrier against any external harm. As soon as you Flat Screen is precisely packed, place it in the box. You can also use soft padding to fill them.

If you are still confused about moving your TV on your own, then it would be a good idea to hire professional packers and movers who can do it for you. You can connect with local movers and packers of your city, who will easily pack and move your household stuff. You can sit back, relax, and let the experts take care of everything and help you in moving to your new home.

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