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Few essential questions to ask movers and packers durinag an international movea


Moving through an expert can be quite difficult as well as a challenging task. Searching for an authentic company requires a detailed research. Therefore, I am sharing few questions that are really very essential to be asked while choosing packers and movers.

The questions are listed below-

1. Is your company certified and licensed?

This is the first and foremost question that you must ask while hiring a mover in Hyderabad because a reputable company is always registered and authorized.

2. From how many years you have been indulged into this business?

Once you have ensured that the company is registered then, ask about their experience. The work experience of a company defines its working standards and makes them more reliable.

3. How can I put enquiry to move internationally?

Ask this question to know the correct process of putting an enquiry as it is the key to a secured shipment.

4. What services does a quotation include?

Get the details about the services you are going to avail and services that they have mentioned in the quotation because it is the only basis according to which you will be offered the moving services at your door step.

5. Do you brief about the destination country?

Many companies brief their customers about the destination place they are planning to move in so that they can easily adapt the changes and get familiar with the new surroundings. Thus, ask the same from them.

6. What all facilities do you offer to adapt a new environment?

A reliable company introduces various programs for their customers to make the changes easily acceptable for them. Hence, confirm about this.

7. How many days prior I need to finalize the date?

Every company has different working standards and norms. Therefore, ask about the number of days before which you have to inform the date to the vendors.

8. Do I need to arrange any packing material?

A well known and established company will never ask you to bring any packing material on your own thus, make sure you are moving with the right one by asking this question from them.

9. Are any items prohibited from being transported?

Hazardous chemicals like oils, alcohol, foodstuffs, and filled cylinders are few of the articles that are not allowed to be shipped by the Moving companies. So, ask about the list of articles that are not allowed to be transferred so that you can eliminate them before.

10. Can I track my consignment?

An upgraded relocating company will always have innovative techniques to help their customers to track their consignment in all possible ways. Thus, ask whether they have GPS trackers enabled inside their containers or not.

11. Where can I contact if I have some query?

A responsible moving company will always have 24*7 customer care support enabled for their customers to help them with all their queries. Thus, confirm whether they have it available with them or not.

Get answers to all the questions mentioned above while hiring movers and packers for an international move.


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