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General Questions to Ask From Your Moving Company


So you have already packed your household items and looking for the reliable relocation company to help you with transportation. Have you checked with movers and packers Noida? If the answer is ‘No’ then you must do it today because they are one of the best shifting service providers in India who are the first ones to spread their maximum outreach across the borders too. With them you’re short or long distance travelling will be an amazing sharable experience that you can cherish in future. They are the highest recommendable movers in the city because of their technical in depth knowledge in performing each and every task of the shifting with positive outcomes.

As we all know that today everybody is in competition to achieve academic and professional growth so they look for better education career and employment opportunity respectively. While some of them get bored from their old lifestyle, which is why they look for new place with new environment and neighborhood. This has become the major reason why packing and moving sector has flourished from earlier times. But within them, there also exists some fraud companies who take advantage from innocent consumers in the name of providing excellent services. Here through this article, the transportation company in Noida provides some questions that you need to ask from your company at each and every stage of your moving. So let’s get started.

1. Do my household or office items get checked prior packing and moving?

All the genuine companies will make pre-survey reports based on the commodities you have because their quotation is based on the amount and type of goods that needs to be carried from one end to another and so does packing company in Gurgaon. One copy of your inventory list is given to you and another one is with them. All the interstate moves are based on hourly basis that’s why the check list of your items is made by them to save your extra amount of money.

2. Are you a certified company?

This is one of the major questions that you have to be sure from the point of packing and moving because only registered company holds the license of transportation of commercial goods in large volumes. As mentioned above an IBA certified company is the perfect to deal with because they know the complexities involved in running large scale business for delivering goods. Apart from this an authorized company will be an added benefit for you.

3. Can I get any kind of contract signed for my services?

Any written document is the proof that you get assured services from an authentic company. A contract signed between both the parties is an identification of a good remarkable company. If not a contract then, quotation on their letter head with logo from their official e-mail id is the maximum you can ask for always. In fact invoice generation and payment receipt is also provided by many companies.

4. Do you provide vehicle transportation?

If you are shifting from one destination to another then along with your possessions you also want your car or bike to get picked up in a single moving trip to avoid getting charge double. In such case if your company is agreed to do that then, you are lucky to have one by your side.

5. Do I get insured for any damage made to my products?

Throughout the process, at any phase your property might get damage in the form of breaks or theft. So you have to be sure that insurance coverage is provided to you within few days of your claim made because you do not want to buy high price goods again from your pocket.

6. Can I visit your office?

The question gives you assurance about the company’s originality in terms of their geographical presence. Also you get a fair idea of how they do their services. So make a direct one to one interaction with them in their office and a well-establish company will not deny doing that.

To conclude, these questions are not the limit. You can clear your all doubts with them by having continuous communication with them. However, mean time movers and packers Noida can be your ideal choice in giving you moving assistance without any delay.



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