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How to Analyze Genuineness of the Relocation Company?


Planning to relocate? Are you clear in your thoughts for making a movement to another city? If you have “Yes” as an answer to the above questions then you are following the right path but still you need the correct directions for taking your process to the level of success. Before actually starting the process from yourself, just think it twice with peace of mind, whether to carry out the process without any involvement from outside or hire professional packers and movers Mumbai, if you want to relocate to and from this capital city of Maharashtra. For making this decision, it whole-heartedly becomes your duty to understand relocation from each and every aspect. Shifting is not only about packing and transportation of goods from one place to another but in fact it involves many other responsibilities too that have to be wrapped up from your end only. Being an assured customer you do not want to deal with any complications that could arise at any point of time while relocating your personal belongings. I am sure that you do not want to indulge yourself into any difficulty related to moving. Therefore, buying relocation services from renowned service providers will not only give you smooth relocation but also relieve you from all the unnecessary stress. Apart from this your health will not be going to affect physically and mentally except the tiredness that you will feel while assisting your moving specialist for packing and moving.

For your information, you might have come across many people who have given you suggestions while choosing the reliable moving and packing resource. With their experience you can get estimation that it requires a lot of patience and time to search the trust worthy suppliers in this sector. Having full and correct knowledge about the relocation process as well as of the relevant company will be beneficial for you only because it will give you the best deals at economical prices. It will also save your maximum of time and expenditure otherwise with the low cost company you would only be regretted from getting their services as the satisfaction will not be given by them in return. Such companies only try to collect the money from innocent customers like you, charge on some hidden services and will also fulfill your all requirements.

The whole process right from finding and booking your project till the time when you settle in your new home is a very challenging task; even more it becomes daunting when you have to shift along with your family including children and pet (sometimes). Hence, it is recommended to do your homework thoroughly by assessing the company to whom you will hand over your packing and moving task. For this you can have the list of questions that can be asked from them prior to deal with them. Through this article you will learn some of these questions that are most important to ask when hiring them. Given below are these:

• Do you have permission/license for doing relocation across the country?

It is a very valid point that you have to ask your shifting firm every time you take the decision for moving. Why it is compulsory to ask? It is because there are endless numbers of movers and packers in India who do not have authority to do the business outside their particular city and if by chance you get trapped with any one of them then your money will be wasted. You will be disheartened from their services. The major thing that all the transportation companies hold is the license for carrying the goods from one location to another.

• Can I check your valid credentials?

If the answer to the above question is yes then you are on the appropriate track. Only certified relocation companies will be able to give you assured services with trusted partnership; they do carry all the valid registrations for the same such as under the government authorities that deal with logistics and transportation sector. This ensures that your goods are in safe hands.

• Can I get the variety of services as per my requirements?

From this question, keep one thing in mind that any experienced and skilled company that is involved with large scale business. They have wide range of networks with their services and products so that their consumers can choose from them. If specifically talk about any packing and moving company then there are many such services like-

1. Household Relocation
2. Commercial Shifting
3. International Moving
4. Warehousing
5. Vehicle Pick Up
6. Import and Export of Cargos and many more

• Do you have insurance policies along with your deal?

Another most compulsory question when you rent a genuine service provider from the packing and moving industry is to ask them about the insurance for your damaged or lost products. The compensation on your such kind of goods is not provided by all the companies, but those companies who are much more grounded to their services do take their liability for including this facility in their deals but the settlement of the claims depends totally on the extent of damage done to your expensive commodities.

• Do you charge for dismantling and reassembling the heavy-weight items separately?

Disassembling and rearranging of your furniture, electrical appliances and electronics is sometimes done by movers from themselves but it totally depends on you whether you opt these services or not. Yes there are totally separate charges for these. Initially while booking your project you would ask them about the same to get the clear picture of the whole process to avoid last minute chaos and misunderstandings.

• How will I be charge for my household items packing and moving?

There are different criteria on which different packers and movers Mumbai frame their quotation but the most commonly used format is mentioned below:

1. Amount of goods in a single moving trip

2. Distance between the two locations (origin and destination)

3. Moving day and time

4. The type of property you are moving into

5. Labor Cost

6. Facilities charges (parking space, lift system)

7. Additional charges (GST, RTO, Toll Tax in case of inter-state moving)

These questions are not the limited ones, there are much more to it. It is completely your choice what to ask them and what not to ask. However, you have to clarify your each and every doubt before hiring them.

All the best for your moving to your desired location.



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