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Ways to untwist your move


Household relocation gives an individual a disconcerting feeling. It is a daunting activity to do. Moving from a well settled home to some other place is really hard because fixing all the things again is quite exhausting. To make it simpler and hassle free, hire a reliable movers and packers Raipur. There are so many companies that have come up with the moving solutions for their customers. They are expertise in every activity meant for relocation and also have qualified and efficient manpower to perform each task with utmost safety. Maintaining the security of a consignment is their only priority and to fulfill that, they offer upgraded packing and moving services to their customers. Further, while preparing for a move there are certain steps that are required to be followed by the customer personally.

1. Prepare a list of the essential articles- Note down the necessary articles that will be carried along at one place. Dispose or sell the items that are no longer required. Do not over load the consignment. Doing this will reduce the cost of the entire shipment and also will bring the clarity about the precise amount to be paid.

2. Store few articles in plastic bags- All articles are not meant to be disposed off. Few of them are not meant to be packed. Therefore, pack them inside some plastic bags so that they can be easily carried along while moving.

3. Pack weekend bag-Not all the things are supposed to be packed, some of the items are used on daily basis. There are various things that are needed every single day so, it is always considered to be a better option to keep aside all those things and put in a bag which you will be carrying personally in the journey. Maintaining a weekend bag is necessary as you cannot unpack any item before it has reached at the destination point. Thus, it is better to keep your important belongings with you while the consignment is in transit.

4. Clear pending bills and payments- Pay the outstanding bills for your cable, internet, newspaper and other miscellaneous expenses before you leave.

5. Make use of sandwich bags to keep screws at one place-To fulfill the aim of keeping all nuts and bolts at a place, make use of sandwich bags so they won’t get misplaced in the journey.

6. Protect your valuable assets- Manage your valuable assets like jewelry and documents while moving. Keep them with you in the entire journey because that will not be packed by the hired professionals.

7. Discontinue utility services- Disconnect various services like internet, DTH, electricity, water etc before moving to another place.

8. Make necessary changes in the legal documents- Replace the old address with the new one in the legal documents and certifications and other changes if required.

The above mentioned are some basic points to be performed before the moving company arrives. I hope following them will help you to move safely with packers and movers Raipur.


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